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Fauj's Mission Statement

Akaal fauj is a not-for-profit organisation in Australia operating for religious, charitable and educational purposes. We focus on inspiring youth and kids about sikhism through sikh history, so they can develop a sense of duty at young age and spread the light of Gurbani in the world through their actions. We aim to evolve future leaders through sewa ( service ) and education, who can do sewa ( service ) of parchar along side their professional life. Our policy of parchar and gurmat Camps is to do parchar as taught by Guru Sahebs.

Our aim is to create unity and harmony among the Sikh community and with others by spreading peace through Guru Saheb's teachings. We neither support nor promote any other organisation or group. In order to remain unbiased and neutral, we do not take financial support from any organisation.This allows us to follow and preach Sikhi on gursikhi guidelines.

Akaal Fauj is neither funded by nor does it represent any other sect or organization. Our intent of parchar is universal, uniting and neutral. We do our part of sewa to create unity and we focus more on developing ourself along sikhi guideline. All revenue and funds are used strictly for sikhi parchar only.


Our Work

Akaal fauj with Guru's grace, has been able to organise 850 plus events since 2012, doing sikhi parchar in Australia, India and Fiji through but not limited to Kids camps, Youth camps, Regular History Saakhi Classes at different Gurughar, Street parchar, University langars, Representing Sikhs at Multicultural Festivals, Attending Interfaith conferences, Weekly Gatka Classes, Kirtan Classes, Weekly Academic classes and other services. At all these events services are provided free of cost to sangat and akaal fauj bears all expenses.

It is the policy of Akaal Fauj to provide equal opportunity to all youth and kids regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, in accordance with federal, state and local laws and to make decisions consistent with the principles of equal opportunity.

Akaal fauj expressly prohibits any form of unlawful harassment based on race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.

At Akaal fauj we couldn't do it without Fauj Sevadars ,volunteers. Sangat deeply appreciates the work being done by team all around the year, putting sewa first before their personal life. Many kids parents and families who attend camps and events send us appreciations and blessings. Akaalfauj would like to thanks our donors who make this all possible by contributing their daswand financially and physically.



At Akaal Fauj we have members from community who do sewa and organise sikhi camps for youth and kids, sewadaars do sewa at free academic educational services, distribute material on Sikhism, represent at multicultural festivals and interfaith conferences in Australia and do street parchar. We do this in a non-judgemental and neutral environment, intended to inspire and uplift all those who participate in it.



Akaal Fauj is not funded by any other organization, and relies only funding from daswand of members,sangat and sponsors. We use these funds for organising camps ,arranging international visits of parcharaks, transportation, buying equipments, parchar material, Internet hosting expenses, and to pay for contract labor for special projects, book keeping, system administration etc. 



Our History

The Akaalfauj work started in 2011 and was registered in 2012 with a view to focus on kids and youth so as to create channel for new sikh leadership and parcharaks, who can do sewa of parchar along side their professional life.

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